Im Done! As of Today I Have No Family!

Today we had a little family get together,but everyone was there early like me.Then it starts.All I hear is when are you going to get your act together?When are you going to get married?Did you pay your rent?Maybe you are gay?Are you still drinking?Im going to have you committed(i often speak of Heaven and God alot).I just want to curl up in the corner and cry.They havent got thier life together and they are saying this to me.They tell me this knights code I follow is a waste of time.They have all became Atheists and Agnostics.I am so far removed from the rest of my family now there is no point in me staying around anymore.They have now pissed me off one to many times.The olny two in my family who were anything like me(dreamers and poets)were my Dad and my sister.Dad died from years of trying to feed this famiy (I think the years of welding/metal fabrication took its toll and he died of cancer.He smoked too.And my sister Jackie went basically crazy after she had her baby aborted and was found dead on a park bench in St.Paul.she drank herself to death.She was so scared of what this overjudgemental holier than thou family would say she lost her mind.And I loved my sister and my Dad they were just like me.So in order for everything that is me to not die I must disown them.And they constantly talk behind each others back.I need to calm down.But Im done.It all ends here no further!

irishknight1973 irishknight1973
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6 Responses Dec 19, 2008

Sometimes, when our family is toxic, we have to separate ourselves from them

I agree with your decision. If someone is a cancer in your life, cut them out of it.<br />
Especially if their behavior contributed to the deaths of others. <br />
<br />
Get away from them and live your life your way. If you fail, at least you tried and did it your way and never tried because your family held you back.<br />
<br />
Live your dreams and take some chances. It is difficult enough trying to become successful and overcoming day to day obstacles without family and friends creating roadblocks for you, telling you that you aren't good enough...etc...<br />
<br />
Good Luck, we are rooting for you !

I am so glad I don't like to drink because when I do I become a real a-hole and feel like **** for a week.

I no longer follow this group.Since Ive quit drinking The Holy Trinity,my promise to God to never drink again,AA, and my family are the most important treasures I have in my life.I have reconciled with my family and no loner feel such anger towards them.In fact I dont really feel extreme anger toward anyone anymore.Just pity for some.Anger itself I dont really feel anymore.I just needed time to see how important my family on Earth was to me.Just as important as those in Heaven are.

Following a code is rare....look around you, I'm sure you see this fact everywhere. There is right and and white...the gray world is all most people see..and sometimes it is gray

"When darkness turns to light it ends tonight ..." <br />
I'm so sorry Irish. I thought I had a dysfunctional family - you won though. Good thing is you can always choose others to be as close to you as family. Hang in there!