Crazy Doesnt Live Here Anymore

I truly believe my family is one of the most dysfunctional group.  I was married for 20 years in an abusive marriage.  My entire family knew it but encouraged me to stay.  Now I understand why they wanted me to stay - because they are all mentally and emotionally challenged people who are selfish, ignorant and narcissistic.  They never wanted me to be happy because they themselves are not happy.  I believe that I come from a long blood line of sociapaths on my mother's side.  My mother's father was sociapathic, his father, my mother definitely is and I see traits in my 19 year old son which kills me.  My youngest sister is definitely a sociapath.  So where does that leave me - I've never been afraid to look in the mirror and examine my life, my social skills, my soul, but looking deeper these past 6 months since I left my husband, I begin to wonder, question myself because my entire family has turned on me through my divorce.  Yes, believe it people, my alcoholic husband who emotionally abused me and my children for years has moved in with my aunt (the one person who I trusted).  They have all conspired to work against me, dishing every little thing that could work against me to my ex.  Little do they realize that the only reason he wants dirt on me is so he wont have to pay child support.  They will not call me or talk to me.  Its like I don't even exist. My ex will call me and tell me that my family hates me.  My sister called me last week to tell me that I was a ****** mother, sister and person in general. Wow is all I can say.  I feel this has been the ultimate betrayal.  I'm struggling to pay rent, utilities and car, groceries and cell phones, working 3 jobs and never getting to spend time with my girls (16 and 6) while they all rally around my ex and offer to watch the kids for him, buy HIM clothes.  It's like I'm in the twilight zone going who are these people, certainly they are not my family.  He just quit his job and thinks it funny that he doesn't have the big $125 a week to pay me and is going to let my aunt pay it.  I look at myself and wonder why I deserve this-you probably wonder the same thinking Ive done something to provoke this family.  We (me and my ex) borrowed money from my dad and aunt when we moved up here.  My ex is paying them off.  I cannot afford to pay them.  So if its money that I'm being screwed over for, then of course I can see why they coddle him which I think is really sad that a couple of thousand dollars can place a price on their love for you.  Other than that, I've never done anything to any of them.  Like i said, dysfunctional **** at its best.  My friends which I have many cannot believe it.  They have even spoken to my family and ended with yelling and screaming.  They are the poster children for crazy!!! I am officially disowning them.  I don't want my children around them and I want to know if there is any legal way to remove myself from this insanity.

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3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

I keep saying mental illness is the biggest issue in America today!!

you should read my story hun:) I really understand what your going through - my family are stuck up plastic snobs who treat each other like ****. They look for intelligent people, rich people and if one of us is doing well in the family, all the attention goes to them, i am the family out cast and they have told me that i am a h-o-a-r and a useless cow and all the names under the sun!

Families are the WORST. I had to learn to hard way. All of my family members, mother, father, brother, and especially my bats@#t crazy sister, bullied me. I hate the fact that I tolerated their abuse. I did fight back on occasion but not enough. I am THROUGH with my family. They are sick, intolerant nutjobs. Thank goodness I got out in time. Got myself a good therapist to help me through it.