I Wish

I knew why It was so easy for everyone to use me, to hurt me, and than to throw me away...

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2 Responses Jul 14, 2010

They can't see beyond their own small worlds. Some people are as bright as Super Novas. That draws people to you while at the same time also drives them away, no one likes to stand in the shadows.

It's good for you to recognize what characteristic you believe caused everyone to feel this way toward you. However, there are two sides to every coin. And if you truly understand why these people abandoned you, you can also find all the reasons why they were absolutely wrong to do so. It probably has to do with traits they didn't see, simply because they didn't spend the time or have enough patience to take a good, hard look. What does it say about the person who judges a book solely by its cover? Without knowing more -- being on the outside trying to look in -- that may be too simplistic. I don't think anyone is 'disposable,' though. Sometimes it means finding those good things that are in you by yourself, and not relying on everyone else to recognize them, 'cause just about everyone is too self-centred to bother.<br />
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Okay . . . Will someone find me a ladder I can climb off this soap box with?