In My Son

He stole money from a family friend last night, and i really didn't want to believe he would do such a thing he is 7 years old for goodness sake,

but he had the money and now i must punish him, which is going to suck for both me AND him.

anyways i don't really know what to say, I'm just really sad about it.

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they've got all the mandatory meetings this year, now they are to the "extra stuff" in the back of the book... that's just me though boy scouts is a privilege and not a right... though i probably will let him go next week since he's taking the punishment well. <br />
but I'm being "tough" this time so hopefully it wont happen again.

No no just the screen time ........ boyscouts is the a big learning thing for them ..... and attendance is a contributry factor for some awards ( senior son has his scout gold award highest he can atain ) so friends to visit he can explain to them why no screen time ........

Well.. the deal is the kids counted the money, and then it "vanished" i asked my son if he knew where it was and he said he didn't know. This morning we found it in the living room and he claims he "found it" though it is exactly what was missing from said friends purse. <br />
<br />
So im dissapointed cuz he lied, and because he stole. We will talk to him to see why, but he still needs to be punished. It's one of those things, a lot of things can be explained away, but somethings cannot. He needs to understand that his actions will always have consequences no matter the reasons behind it.<br />
<br />
nothing too harsh just a week without any "screen time" boyscout meetings, or visits with friends. and a few apologies....

Caska your son didn't disappoint you ...... He surprised you by his actions ........... The disappointment comes from a sense of failure on your part for not intisapating his actions. As a father of two teenage sons I have from time to time let my guard down and relaxed and yes I have been surprised !!!! So mistakes on both parts<br />
not exactly a crime . I work on the principle of giving them enough rope to hang themselves ........ I also put some of the onus back on them by telling them that I am learning this parent thing by seat of my pants ...... they are my one and only family so they need to help me to be a good Father and in turn I will do my best to make them achieve every thing they want to in life .... So perhaps you should communicate more in a educational point of view rather than one of punishment .... Good luck and remember he is only seven not twenty seven ...

Aw kids will do things like that. Its something to get on top of now. But it doesn't have to be a big deal. <br />
Its okay to be disappointed. Your kids aren't always going to live up to your expectations. I'm not a parent, but I work with really young kids, so I know what they get up to!<br />
Kids grow, and learn. And I hope you managed to get through the discipline without too much heart ache.<br />

I think all kids do things that parents don't expect them to do. Did the friend catch him? I remember my brother shoplifted candy at 5 and my mom made him go back to the convenience store owner and admit he had stolen it and pay for the candy and then give the owner double what the candy was worth to teach him it was wrong. She made him take it out of his allowance he was saving for something else.<br />
<br />
I am sorry your son disappointed you, but you know he isn't a bad kid. I wish you luck with your punishment. I know you feel like you are punishing yourself.