Its Difficult When People Who Love You Misunderstand You and Start Hating You

One of the unbearable things in life. Its strange how people become uncommunicable and how misunderstanding causes them to go from strong love to strong hate for you.

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Oh. Quite the poignant point. I feel there is definately a bridge between the two extremes... misunderstanding and miscommunication are the bridge between love and hate guiding people between the two. Much sympathy here.

Sustaining, that’s the challenge...

Very wise, and so true.

Its hard to come by a mature person, not mature in years but in understanding relationships. Sentiments can form a relationship but cannot sustain a relationship. They come and go. Mind fluctuates. Wisdom, deep understanding, empathy, large-heartedness, self-analysis helps sustain a relationship.

wow...this totally describes how im feeling right now...<br />
i just talked to a friend ive known for several years, and he was telling me things that clash with who i really am as a person. i totally agree that its because ppl often mistake their own thoughts about you for actually knowing glad someone else feels this way and understands

wow I have never read anything on this site that fits with me as perfectly as this statement. I don't get it and I never will.<br />
<br />
But one suggestion: move to Canada- I promise you will never even once be misunderstood. I know, because I lived half of my life in Canada and half in America- and American's are just like that. But Canadians aren't- when they meet you, their primary motivation is to get to know you. American's can 'know' you for ten years and never once try to get to know you. Why? Because they mistake their own thoughts ABOUT you for actually knowing you. They think what they observe and think about you is who you actually are- instead of trying to find out what you are really like.<br />
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Wow, Duana, that is interesting. I DO feel like moving to Canada now....I can't stand unkind, uncaring, mean people any more. I have had enough.