I need to feel understood. I go to great pains to make what I'm saying make sense to those around me, and especially people close to me. When they don't understand what I want, need or am trying to impart to them, it hurts me almost physically.

I don't know why it is that people that spend so much time with me can be so completely oblivious to my needs.


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Correction I should have said frustrated or upset, sorry don't know if we can edit messages posts etc...

It's hard to keep yourself from being overly frustrated when in your situation.... You pretty much sum up my life and the people and family around me.... My own mother only listens to "some" of what I say to her.... Neither of my brothers bother to respect me enough to really listen to me, their attitude is like, "yeah yeah, there goes motor mouth again". Then when I decide not to talk at all it's like I'm labelled rude, cold and uncommunicative. I don't bother with my brother's much anymore, my younger brother and I get along when we talk less anyhow. He says up when I say down and when pushed to explain why he doesn't respect or talk to me says I talk around in circles and not straight forward enough and that I talk crap most of the time.... eh.....<br />
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That was only 1-2 examples... Keep searching for other people that will understand and want to talk to you, don't give up!

It's a little obvious why your name is chairmanMEOW - you got some claws on you!<br />
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Perhaps that sharp edge could be why people either stop listening or become distant.<br />
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You might want to bring the claws back a little and see what happens.

You are one of the very idiots that is being talked about on this thread. Sheesh.

The word for what I feel is 'DISTRESSED'. Not mad. Anger implies that I'm blaming. <br />
And you didn't read very well did you?<br />
"I go to great pains to make what I'm saying make sense to those around me, and especially people close to me. "<br />
So its not like I'm not trying here.<br />
Most of the time its a lack of patience, interest or the general courtesy to LISTEN to what I'm saying that causes the problem.<br />
Otherwise, it is when people who SHOULD KNOW ME BY NOW don't. I'm talking 10 years or so.<br />
So maybe before you comment (particularly in THIS GROUP) you should read over the stories a couple of times to see if you're really understanding what is being said.<br />
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I appreciate the token good will gesture at the end, but would have appreciated a little more care on your part before commenting even more than that.<br />
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Yep, noth8n above is one of the VERY idiots that all of you are talking about on this thread. What a coincidence :/

Because... They're only human. You can't get mad at them for not being able to read you correctly. You can only try and try again. Eventually you might find friends who really connect with you or you might develop better communication with your current friends. Best of luck to you!