I Am In The Mall

and I was in the ladies' section. Im not sure if I was looking for a new set of underwear or swimwear. I touched this thing in blue, which I could'nt tell if its a skimpy beach skirt coz when I turned it around it's like a t-back. There were no sales ladies around but sales men. Weird. I wondered if I can try it on but when I looked down, I saw my abdomen looked butchered & skinned like a pig. Waaaaaa!!! I could not see my legs though I was able to run. Then I told my girl friends and showed them my lower part and saw that the marks are fading.

I wondered what it means. I've a fetish for t-backs & very girly undies. So I was really disturbed when I woke up.
shecretbeauty shecretbeauty
22-25, F
Jul 22, 2010