Dreaming Too Much

I get so distracted by my own fantasies. Ever feel like God made you solely for you to change the world for the better? I really believe God made us to believe that we are awesome creatures capable of bettering this planet. It's the system, this society with all its rules, policies, departments, human resources, etc. that make it so difficult to rise to the top or even get a job. Right? I just stay in bed all day and fantasize instead. lol.  Am i a loser or what?
rosesencha rosesencha
3 Responses Jul 19, 2007

I fantasize all the time. I get distracted a lot when I'm at work and I have to pull myself back to the real world. I make up stories and draw pictures. I used to think the emotions and imagination I have was a curse, but now I know it's a blessing. Even though some days it's hard to focus on real life, I know that when life gets too hard I can escape to my own private oasis inside my head.

THanks for the positive comment and encouragement. Keep pressing on. Happy New Year nutcase! =)

no ur not a loser at all i daydream all the time when i do i see figuers and sometimse faces in things it not easy i know was like that this morning i find when i feel like that i tend to listen to a group called rush i find them very new age and help me see the world diferently and to try and make the world a better place god has given us all a path to follow somtimes i wander why he chose the things i am having to deal with and im beging to know what my lifes pupose is not quite there yet though i have faith in the angels