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A Tiny Drop Cannot Make A Difference

It can  

Orangetas Orangetas 51-55, F 36 Responses Feb 13, 2011

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A small drop drowned in the ocean is like the smile of a woman seen at a cocktail party.

Um ..

It certainly can :)

Paris is a lovely place.

Oh thats a fascinating thought, jimmy<br />
<br />
* off to Google origin of the Grand Canyan *

Well, if you look at pictures or a documentary on the Grand Canyon and you realise that one tiny drop started it all, i'd even be mighty afraid of a single drop.<br />
It had me even check all my faucets for faulty joints.<br />
I t is a great picture and a wonderful thought. We just must be careful not to confuse metaphores with a certain reality.<br />
Or Nature with Human Nature.

Thank you


But you all know the old saying, if everyone contributed just one drop, we'd eventually drown the whole lot! So, I dunno if that helps or not, but I had to say something ... *wanders off to be confused elsewhere* X@

Yes, it does :)

And it does...

I wrote more of that story. That story is coming a long nicely.

Princess, that is a really beautiful memorable way to think of this <br />
<br />
meondisplay, it is sad that maybe we often only understand things when its too late for ourselves

This not a new idea. People have believed this for thousands of years and yet the human condition is little changed in that time. It is not that the sentiment is not true, just that its realization may be on a timeline which will not be fulfilled in the expanse of our lives. But eventually....perhaps

I watched a bit of Desperate Housewives. I don't really like it.

Sorry.. Really to the picture above. I'm bit tired.


Sorry......we'll have to argy bargy more later.<br />
It's time for Desperate Housewives!!!!!!!!!!

? Destrina

You're lookin' to get yourself a Scottish hello....

I might point out that you are standing on MY story so watch your P's and Q's or I will give you Scottish kiss!

What if I am? You think you can argy bargy me?

Are you looking for a spot of argy bargy?

Yeah, I think I agree.<br />
<br />
Really.<br />
<br />
Dongle dongle

Well its a little jewel as a poem <br />
<br />
As a song it dont cut it at all <br />
<br />

Well, it was a poem first.<br />
<br />

Really what?


On my profile<br />
<br />
Oh I dont like it at all as a song .. yuck <br />
<br />

On your profile or on this story?<br />
<br />
Geez, I never said I was tech support....<br />
<br />
<br />
By the way , the poem is also a song. We used to sing it for Girl Scouts.

Hmm ... well I am trying to post a new video but cant get rid of the old one (its there u just cant see it) and please dont tell me to do what it says as I have of course done that .. <br />
<br />
So, how do I get rid of it and post new one?