A Tiny Drop Cannot Make A Difference

It can  

Orangetas Orangetas
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A small drop drowned in the ocean is like the smile of a woman seen at a cocktail party.

Um ..

It certainly can :)

Oh thats a fascinating thought, jimmy<br />
<br />
* off to Google origin of the Grand Canyan *

Well, if you look at pictures or a documentary on the Grand Canyon and you realise that one tiny drop started it all, i'd even be mighty afraid of a single drop.<br />
It had me even check all my faucets for faulty joints.<br />
I t is a great picture and a wonderful thought. We just must be careful not to confuse metaphores with a certain reality.<br />
Or Nature with Human Nature.

Thank you


But you all know the old saying, if everyone contributed just one drop, we'd eventually drown the whole lot! So, I dunno if that helps or not, but I had to say something ... *wanders off to be confused elsewhere* X@

Yes, it does :)

And it does...

Princess, that is a really beautiful memorable way to think of this <br />
<br />
meondisplay, it is sad that maybe we often only understand things when its too late for ourselves


Sorry......we'll have to argy bargy more later.<br />
It's time for Desperate Housewives!!!!!!!!!!

? Destrina

You're lookin' to get yourself a Scottish hello....

I might point out that you are standing on MY story so watch your P's and Q's or I will give you Scottish kiss!

What if I am? You think you can argy bargy me?

Are you looking for a spot of argy bargy?

Yeah, I think I agree.<br />
<br />
Really.<br />
<br />
Dongle dongle

Well its a little jewel as a poem <br />
<br />
As a song it dont cut it at all <br />
<br />

Well, it was a poem first.<br />
<br />

Really what?

On my profile<br />
<br />
Oh I dont like it at all as a song .. yuck <br />
<br />

On your profile or on this story?<br />
<br />
Geez, I never said I was tech support....<br />
<br />
<br />
By the way , the poem is also a song. We used to sing it for Girl Scouts.

Hmm ... well I am trying to post a new video but cant get rid of the old one (its there u just cant see it) and please dont tell me to do what it says as I have of course done that .. <br />
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So, how do I get rid of it and post new one?

Perhaps if you sought my advice before posting your stories.....<br />
<br />
After all, I am a veritable fount of useless information!

Wow! <br />
<br />
Why didnt u give me that poem before?<br />
<br />
How mean!!!

Little drops of water,<br />
Little grains of sand,<br />
Make the mighty ocean<br />
And the pleasant land.<br />
<br />
Thus the little minutes,<br />
Humble though they be,<br />
Make the mighty ages<br />
Of eternity.<br />
<br />
Little deeds of kindness,<br />
Little words of love,<br />
Make our earth an Eden,<br />
Like the heaven above. Julia Abigail Fletcher Carney

Lol .. just what I was thinkin' GW

I wrote this afrer a phone conversation with someone. I thought that we are never going be on the same wavelength , it is quite impossible because we are so very different. <br />
<br />
But then I thought well I guess it's not impossible .. people can change and find things in common.

Yes I think you're right OrangeTas. Every flood had to start with the first drop.