Finally Final

I have a date for my final divorce hearing.  It will be next Wednesday.

I was told it would be 45 days from when it was filed, but it took my lawyer 3 months to get around to scheduling the final hearing with the court.

My marriage has been over for a while now. My life has been so much more calm and pleasant since my ex moved out last December, after months and months of trying to co-exist with him while going through the divorce process.  It was hard dealing with the psycho, and I tried my best to get through it in a civilized and amicable manner, which I managed, for the most part, and was able to file an uncontested divorce and settlement agreement right before Christmas. 

It will be nice, though, to have it completely over and done with...

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8 Responses Mar 18, 2009

Thanks TBC. You know, there are many retreats and workshops where you and your wife can "find" each other again, if both of you are willing to work towards a great marriage again. I tried to get my ex to go many times, but he was not interested. Good luck to you both. :)

Thanks almostsunny... It was actually finding my sanity that lead me through the divorce with him. The insanity was my marriage. 12 years of it!

I am happy for you IW! I hope you will find the peace of mind and heart that I have with yours. I will keep my fingers crossed for smooth sailing for you. Hugs, girl.<br />
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Rog. You have quite a sense of humor, buddy! You are right to say it will be good to finally have it over and done, even though it is just a formality. Warm hugs for you, always :)

I am so looking forward to being in your shoes soon. My divorce will be filed the first week of April.....I am praying that it will go smooth and be over by the end of summer....I think I will be able to breathe again.....toasting to a happy life with you Heaven!!!!!

Thanks so much Jack. There was a time when "the rest of my life" seemed like a bleak place, now I am really looking forward to it. Hugs.

Thank you mtvlm! It is a great place for me to be! Hugs.

Happy to see that you are becoming happy in your life again. Good for you.

Thanks Sunshine. You have def. been through the best and the worst of it with me! ILY2 girlfriend. Hugs.