Don't Know If She Is Still Interested?

It is almost a year passed since we separated. It was her decision and after a battle of throwing blame on each other she asked for a divorce! We didn't get that due to the fact we are in different countries. We lost contact with each other for quite long time, then I started again calling her, I felt like she was really happy hearing my voice, and as my circumstances are really tough she asked me to keep in touch with her, I offered to ring her weekly and she was happy with that, further conversations were either ecstatic to me or sad, Im madly in love with her, but I dont know if she feels the same? Well she mad it clear that the whole break up was truelly immature and we should've handled it in a better way. I made it clear that I was so dump to act and mistreat her as I did, and she didn't interrupt me at all. She never mentioned a thing about divorce untill once we were talking, she told me how tasty her dish was and if I only taste it I will really regret that we are divorcing! Other things she was using our language before and memorising some of our old times together. Once I tried to hint that I'm getting a gift for her she asked me not to, and the reason was the whole thing happened to us!
I'm really confused im still in love with her but I really don't know if she is still interested or not? Can you help me somehow?
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2 Responses May 5, 2012 is a great resource. Has been a lifesaver for me. is a great resource. Has been a lifesaver for me.