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i married this man when i was 23 and didnt know anything like alcohol addiction exists and knew people are either good or bad.had no idea about people who show themselves to be good but are actually husband was addicted to alcohol.abuse of every type was part of my life.all this when i am a well educated professional.after 7 years of hittings n suicidal attempts,i came to my mothers house.started building my life for my twins.after 5 years i am financially stable.he filed for divorce n got it.i feel this is the best time of my life.there is peace in my home.i am doing good.i have a social recognition of my kids are growing up.he has no concern for my kids welfare and i dont even want him to have.they dont miss him.rather sometimes i feel they are missing a man 's role in their "normally "happily married friends sometimes tell me how important it is to have a man in kids life(i lost my father long time back and i dont have a brother).one day when i asked my daughter if she wants to go n visit or live with her father,she said mamma,hannah montana also lives with her father only she doesnt have her its ok.some kids have only fathers n some only mothers ,some have both.she is 6 life is perfect at the moment.touchhwoood!
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OMG i cant believe how semilar our life story is, i was also 23 when i got married. And same sort of life i lived with him for 7 years, the only difference is i dont have kids. but still my values were so important that it took me 7 years to make the decision and leave him. hope u get all the happyness for u and ur kids, hugs

Good Luck! Thank you for sharing. I am recently divorced, and I know I will make it too..

You should do this much much earlier but thanks God it wasn't to late. I don't know why we wait so long to take an action. We have to suffer until it really gets so serious and than we finally make a move. Anyway, wish you all good luck in future.

I also was unaware of alcoholism, what it does to people and how hard it is to live with a chemically dependent person. It is hard to come to grips with the fact that they love their alcohol more than they love us... or themselves!

Im glad to hear that! When my son prays at night the first thing he asks God for is to "bring my mommy and daddy back together again so we can be a family like before"...this kills me everytime I hear this because I want to fix things, I want to make everything ok for my sons. Im sorry to hear about your daughter,but Im glad it sounds like you are moving on with your life.