A Day In A Life

.....of a recently divorced man,with 2 kids...


my long hair making me look like something from a Bigfoot clip,i wake to
 a happy face staring right at me up close,"are you awake dad?"
*blink blink "yes baby i am now"
 schools out for summer so it would be nice for
 the kids to maybe let ol' dad have an extra hour in bed maybe..but no

its daylight,8am and i have get up and deal with 2 kids whose attitude
 to sleep is "you can sleep when your dead dad"..awesome!

my 10 year old Daugter is a tom boy,a mother,and an angel with a smart mouth
 all rolled into one,my soon to be 8 year old boy,loves the fact his sister mothers him (and me),
 hes so laid back sometimes you have to stand behind him to keep him vertical,and he is a clever clogs

 the night before the kids had been camping with my ex wife,my daughter showing off her "war wounds"
 from climbing (or should i say fighting) rocks on the beach,plasters are all grubby and sandy,lets
 just say shes not very happy with me at the mo for cleaning them up,but the ice cream should help...

 i walks in what used to be my kitchen,it is now the 10 month old puppy's training ground for its owner,to
 trip,slip and slide his way around the room with out setting off any of the booby traps the special forces 
 chewing unit might have le.....oh great my c.v.lies shredded,dead,in peaces,i take a deep breath,i remove the staple,
 for one of the barly intact corners like removing a dog tag from a fallen comrade....
 under my breath in all honesty, I'm using a lot of swear words....i am human after all

like a professional c.s.i. operative i clean the battle field,nobody would know there was a document
 killing here recently...
 1 hour and 4 coffee's later.....I'm awake and the kids go and play in the garden with the special forces puppy
 about 5pm my girlfriend calls.shes annoyed cos she hasn't seen me in 2 days,i explain that its just the way it is sometimes
 (i see her most days),i am a dad, and besides that,i like time to do my own things as much as she does,too
 she was also busy anyways,that i will see her tomorrow,shes still not happy,but says she will speak to
 me later....

1 hour later apology text from my girlfriend,then apology call from girlfriend.... 

re-think girlfriend
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3 Responses Aug 6, 2010

So...how's that girlfriend situation worked out?

Ok I have to admit I laughed a lot while reading this!!! This part especially....<br />
<br />
"my c.v.lies shredded,dead,in peaces,i take a deep breath,i remove the staple,<br />
for one of the barly intact corners like removing a dog tag from a fallen comrade...."<br />
<br />
LOL omgosh what a picture. That is so funny. Yeah, so WHY do kids insist at getting up at early insane hours? I don't get that, lol, when I was younger I liked to sleep in!! :p It's kinda cute tho, I remember when I was at my cousins and was waken up with a "you awake yet? you awake yet?" And there was my cute lil 4 year old cousin RIGHT there by my face, wanting me to get up so we could play. Annoying maybe, but omgosh SO funny and cute, what else to do but get up and play!! Miss that kinda!! :D Your kids are really sweet, tell them hi from us!! And don't forget to give them lots of candy! :D

Great story. Thanks for sharing.