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I was married to a man for 4 years. We had a son together. A year after my son was born the man got angry more and more. The breaking straw was when he hit my son for just doing something a baby does. The baby was just learning to walk and when he hit the baby's bottom the baby flew forward and hit his mouth on a stool. He then came to me crying. I held him close and got yelled at for "babying him".

He filed soon after and I can honestly say I'm happier than I was with him AND I got a wonderful little boy in the process!

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There are men who are dads and some who are biological fathers... my ex acts like a biological father. I know my son wishes he was a dad. Thankfully, he is in cub scouts and there are many dads there who are great role models. We live with my parents and the guy in my life is also a dad... so luckily he has that positive male influence.

Thats quite a sad story.<br />
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I have 3 daughters in Montreal. I email and call them a few times a week. I always want to be there for my kids..despite the horrible situation I'm in of living in Australia and the whole separation thing.

He didn't talk much about his feelings, wants, needs or desires... and just got upset when I didn't do what he wanted. After a few years he just exploded. <br />
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I don't think he wanted to work things out as he got married a few months after the divorce was final. In the 5 years my son and I have been living in Miami, he has called a handful of times and has visited 2 times. He didn't even call on the birthday the boy was in the hospital.<br />
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I'm happier where I am and saddened knowing that my son seems to be better off... and not upset that his father doesn't call or visit.

voges...hope you are being sarcasic...<br />
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spatting a baby's butt may or may not be abuse...but if the result is him falling and hurting himself and the parent not caring....THAT is something to run from and FAST.

Shame you two couldnt have tried to work things out and make for a better situation. Why did he get angry?Was there something that could have been done to appease him?