At Last I Divorced

Next year i got married to men i loved so much,i did not think that nobody could have a love just like ours.However he showed me his real face.I am also student at universty but he graduated from primary school.I did not mind it cuz' I loved him.He and his family always wanted us money.Icould not buy anything for myself.He gave all money we had to them and also told me lies and sweared all the times.Finally the day I denied to give him money to send his family he left home at midnight and left me alone.After that I mean with the help of this behaviour I made my decision I am so young and he made my life like a nightmare and he used me so I should leave him I could live on my own I do not need him.Now I am gonna make my academic career at universty.I am free at last with all meanings of the word...


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Hey I feel ya it was a relief for me to get a divorce. Now the biggest issue is moving on which is hard since I don't want to go out of the house to meet people. I'm not ready to date just want someone to talk to. Bummer!!!


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MONEY is the main issue of most divorces :)

Money issues were a big part of my marriage. All 5 years I was married my ex took all of my money and told me it was for bills while he spent it on whatever he wanted. I'll never understand why someone would want to take advantage of someone that would go to the ends of the earth for them. Its like they treat you better if you treat them awful what is up with that?

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Thank you:) best wishes from me too..

Yes!! I am proud of you! I wish you all the best! Your life is a precious gift, take care of yourself, I will keep you in my prayers.

men always see women as a slave I think and give always command like'give me... make my bed etc.the time when women get her liberty men become lazy and choose women who has a career as his wife and ignore love and her needs and also her care.make her work as she have to work and use her. I am aware that at today's conditions both men and women should work but not just women!I am really sorry for this but this is real men is losing their responsibilities day by day....

Emerald, I agree with what you write and also see it happening in my son, but he gets it from his mother (my x) and her entire family (sisters and mother only). Change in men is not just in USA though. this is a thing that is happening in many countries and cultures. Question is why and what can we (as a culture) do about it? I have no clue cause try as I might to teach my son the value of work and the money , responsibility, etc. He just will not do it. I will throw is lazy, unemployed, no school *** out of my house when he turns 18.

LOL! Oh, you can't group EVERYONE in ANY group! And, I agree, there are just as many women abusing the divorcements as much as some men. But I have been noticing this change in men more and more. Especially in my own town. H***! In my OWN HOME!! And honestly, I'm NOT a strong advocate of Womens' Lib. Their start was noble. They're becoming Extremeist! But the fact is they gave women the start to stand up for themselves and admit they were more useful than being the built-in baby factory, and alot of men don't like a woman to be more successful than them. Or at least they used to not. Now THESE MEN are becoming the Extremeists! Not all; but certainly a growing number! Personally, I prefer to be a help- mate, not sole provider. And I don't mind the guy being that way too! But when he says, You go to work, then come home and clean house and take care of the kids; I'm going fishing," ... well now! How fair is that! But on the same token I don't go for a woman using the excuse of lack of skills or needing to stay home with a child to deliberately prevent her from getting at least a part time job to help out when the situation calls for it. But that's neither the discussion, or my experience, as the previous mentioned HAS BEEN my experience-- TWICE! lol.

Please, don't lump us all in with that group. many men still do provide and, even better, share the responsibilities with their wives. Unfortunatley, many who have been through a divorce, or have seen their parents divorced, know what a ****** end of the stick men get during the procedures. Child support that is meant to take care of kids, is used by mom, maintenance to a woman who will not get a job and stand on her own two feet so instead get knocked up by more guys so they can collect more child support. It goes on and on. It has an effect on men to see this or go through this. So please, don't forget that there are just as many women out there using men to support their lazy butts.<br />
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As for women's lib: Ask most women what they want and they want the man in the relationship to take a leadership / dominant role. turn it off in the work place, but turn it back on in the bedroom. Sometimes we just want to say 'make up your minds'.

What is wrong with our younger men today??!! Men used to be proud to be the bread-winner of the family. And most men don't like the extent of freedom, identity, rights, and expresion Women's Lib has given women; yet these mens' lazy actions are the very reason Women are having to become the provider and decission maker and action taker within the home and even family unit! Guys, where is your pride, dignity, and sense of responsibility??!!