A Letter To My Ex Wife Today :(

Hey I really need some advice. Ive been having trouble with my ex wife and my son trying to maintain contact with my son. I am a "sex addict" and live in a long term treatment facility. The letter to her tells the rest.

Ive known you for 24 years. During these 24 years weve had alot more hard times than good times. You knew when we met that I was different from other guys you'd probably meet. I spent my whole life in an out of hospitals group homes and other places for troubled ppl. You cant claim you didnt know. Like wise your family has huge anger problems and doesn't deal well with life issues. You were always cussing each other out, breaking stuff, hitting each other and nobody ever admits they are wrong or apologizes. It always gets swept under the rug. As for My son, you act like he is the adult and you are the child. Basically you rather him do any and everything but spend time with me. If I hadnt helped my dad when he needed help I would have been afraid he would hurt me badly. My son hasn't seen a day of work in his life compared to what I had to do growing up. I went to school every day of the week and helped my dad every day of the week even Saturday or Sunday, early in the morning and sometimes til the next morning. My dad didn't pay me for the work I just had to do it in exchange for a roof over my head and food to eat. I didnt have thousands of dollars of the latest electronics neither. My son lives like a king compared to how I lived. If it wasn't for me he wouldn't have 90 percent of the things he does have and what do I ask in return? To be able to speak to my son on a regular basis and when I need some help he gives me a hand but no instead my son wont even do it if hes paid to. Now Ive found other ways to meet my needs and all I want to do is talk to him and he wont even talk to me. You damn right I *****. The kid ignores my phone calls on the phone I bought for him and usually my calls are ignored so he can play video games or go on the web. Im not stupid I know you put me down in front of him and you call me names. You are largely the reason why he doesn't want anything to do with me because of the things Ive heard you say and the things I know you say. Ive known you for 24 years I know what comes out of your mouth. You can ***** and moan about me having friends send you messages but its your fault because you ignore my calls, hang up on me, or curse me out...or throw your phone against the wall. When you don’t want to hear what someone is saying to you that’s what you always do...thats what youve always done. You are afraid to address or work out your problems with anyone. You are wrong to allow My son to ignore my calls or refuse to speak to me. You are wrong to allow him to refuse to help me when I need help. You are wrong to allow him to control your life and house hold. As for the situation I am in you are a hypocrite. You, your family, and Mike agree this is not right what happened to me but yet every time you can you throw it in my face and blame me for it. Ive paid the penalties for my actions. Im sick of how bad you claim your life is. I have to manage a business in here which is nearly impossible, I have 13 lawsuits pending I have to keep on everyday and I have this hell hole I have to survive in. Not to mention I have no future to look forward to and my family, ppl like you who treat me like crap constantly. Ive done my best to support you and My son and help at every turn. I blindly help you and My son every time I can. I have done my best and for my efforts, you curse me out, My son ignores my calls and you ignore them too. Not to mention Ive been waiting years to get copies of photos you promised me, photos I paid for. At almost 40 years old Im tired of it. Im tired of all of it. Im tired of not having real friends or real family. Im tired of being treated like ****. I honestly can’t take it anymore. It hurts too much. I do appreciate the times you brought my son up and the money you’ve spent on gas and groceries for me but I do not respect you and My sons cruel, mean, and dramatic behavior. You’ve always tested the limits with me. You think because Im a nice guy you can push my buttons every day and their will be no consequences which is why we've had fights in the past that have turned out so ugly because you've pushed me to the edge each time. So hear this- No matter what you do, or dont do, if stuff doesn't change between you, My son and me, I will never speak to you again, I will never speak to My son again and you can support that kid all by your self. Whether Im there or not does not give you and My son the right to treat me like crap or justify it. The situation is what it is and we have to live with it. All I want to be is treated with respect and dignity by my friends and family.I did my best for My son and there's nothing more I can do under the circumstances. Its your call. You let me know what your decision is.

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36-40, M
Aug 1, 2012