Narcissistic Pig

I seperated recently about 3 months and he tells me he wants to talk... I'm upset and stressed and angry and I hate the fact that I will never get this man out of my life (we have a 3 year old son) but he remembers now that he wants to talk... About what! I'm done mourning our failed relationship I don't want to deal with trying again and all his narcissistic tricks to get me back in his web.... I really dont want to talk about anything with this man, he was brought up in mars and has no idea how the world works and trying to explain it to him is tireing.. He makes me sick, but I can't avoid him so how do I prepare cause I tend to explode when I keep explaining and he just doesn't want to get it.. Even more when he comes with his stupid arrogant holier than though face!!! He is so fake, and shallow and, childish and irresponsible., and useless..An insult to the male gender in all possible ways.. If I had a magic wand I would make him and his stupid family disappear.. Yes I'm hurt because I was disrespected, put down and treated like a door mat and they still don't get it... They want more door mat... And I'm the bad guy coz I refuse to stay in that role any longer.. I regret meeting this man but I don't know what to do now..
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