Freeked Out

i met my wife about 4 years ago. it was love at first sight, the sex was great, the relationship was great, it was all great. she ask me to marry her 2 years ago. i said yes, and we were married a year ago.... well , like i said it was all great until 5 weeks ago. she went to see her faimly who lives 4 hour away, and she never came home. she moved in with another man , and we are getting divorced.... this whole situation has really shocked me, because the last day i seen her it was all good, and the next day shes moved in with another man having an affair... i don't see how people do this, because i don't take marriage vows lightly.... if anyone has any feedback on this PLEASE TELL ME.
arbomann arbomann
41-45, M
1 Response Aug 5, 2012

Never ever ever marry a woman who proposed to you! That's just messed up! You're the man and its you who has to ask a woman's hand in marriage. Only crazy women ask men to marry them! I hope you find yourself a better woman!