Its Difficult

I did what no man shoud do. I cheated on my wife. The woman i was involved with was ******* hot. Sex with her was something i had seen only in **** movies. It was crazy . She said no to nothing. I experienced each and every fantacy i had
In the bargain i realised i was losing out on a very valuable relationship. The dinners and movies and walks and normal making out with my wife had finished. Then it was too late and she left me after 15 years..
Sometimes we start something for kicks and then cant get out of it. i regret my actions every day and wish i had not done what i did.
My job requires me to travel very extensively all over the globe. When ever i travelled i would flirt and make out with any woman i could. I was a married man doing all this. Now that i am divorced i dont feel like doing any of that stuff.
my sucess and my arrogance got the best of me and i wish i had not..
Its been 8 months and i cant move on. I hope i do soon
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&our relationship was ruined.I cant move on.I do not want to.Stupid misunderstandings&everyone's an armchair psychiartrist.Talking of issues,issues,issues.Anger ,control,codependency,to where everything is taken out of context.You tell a woman she's beautiful,you have just made a sexist,controlling,abusive remark.I know how it must have felt being a global/world traveller:beautifil women,finest restuarants,quint places to eat,the finest clothes,shoes,suits/shirts/and ties.Kinda like Robert Wagner in'It Takes A Theif!'Like The Sopranos Introductory Song.I know your stakes were bigger-marriage to your faithful companion,but ask the Lord to help her forgive you.