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Long Story Made Short

Ive been married three times ,the first one was to my high school sweetheart ,that left me for someone younger after i had two beautiful daughters with him and stayed with him thru his 9 years in the military. I was crushed and stayed single for about five years. Later on I had my wake up of a life time when i got pregnant and remarried my second ,to find out three years later he had committed to me while he was still married to someone else out of state with other children,long story he became verbally abusive and put me thru hell so i signed out ,stayed single again for awhile and met #3 by this time i was really sure i had found mr right and realized he wasnt ,after five years into the marrige he wannted nothing more to do we me and we stopped talking for about five years and tried to work it out ,to no avail so i got really depressed to say the least and left after he signed the papers and went to a funeral met a guy that for some crazy reason said i was his angel ,and that i was his soulmate, come to find out momma was all that to him not me so here iam old and lonely again trying to figure out what the hell happen to all those years and loves that at one time worshipped the ground i walked on just to walk over and past me now as if iam dead,was i just a young fool desperate for love ,or iam i now just an old lady praying for Mr. right.... hell i dont know, Ive given my heart out and iam looking for away to pick up what few pieces I have left and just live one day at a time , by the way I still love all the old fools and forgive them and myself, time does have a way of healing iam friends with atleast two of them and my last chance for
true love is feeling gone but i still have hope... thanks for for letting me share ,think i will rewrite this someday with more details,maybe get a movie out of it ...god bless all....
lonely123again lonely123again 56-60, F 2 Responses Aug 18, 2012

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There is always a chance love may come your way again. I divorced after 30 years of marriage...and felt my life had crashed and burned. I have survived and hope that I will find love again. I am just wary now having learned a lesson or two since.

Hey don't give up yet. Only when you are dead, you do not have to worry about love. I made a list of the things I wanted in a husband and when he came along I married him. LOL then I found out he was a sociopath just turning into what I wanted so that he could marry me. The true side of him came out and it was not fun. I still had a list and married the second man, except he forgot to understand himself and presented himself to me as a man who liked physical closeness. I finally came to understand he was a controlling asexual with a bad temper. Not all bad of course but the list had failed again. So hang in there, some of us are just slow learners.