Difficult Ex-wife

After 9 years of marriage, my ex-wife cheated on me, so I divorced her. We have a son together and we have agreed to put him first. As well, she is also staying with the man she cheated on me with. I have moved on and remarried. Before I got married she didn't show any signs of jealousy or resistants as far as our son is concerned. She was open about the schedule and did as much as she could to make sure our son was a part of both or our lives. However, after I got engaged she started to become a little resistant in letting me see my son and started making up rules on when I could see him. After I got married, she would make things as difficult as possible and have me jump through hoops to see him. I am deploying soon and my wife has emailed her a few times in regards to seeing our son while I am gone and although my ex is receptive, she mentions legalities in the email when it isn't necessary. I have also noticed that when I pick our son up or meet her at daycare and medical appointments she is excessively dolled up, like she has a date or going somewhere, which may be the case, however, she has never, in the past, tried to look nice or doll up, especially at 9 am on a Saturday morning. My wife, who finds this to be hilarious, believes she is trying to get my attention because even though she has cheated on me and wants nothing to do with me, she wants to be the only woman in my eyes and since my ex knows she has lost that and that I am extremely happy with my now wife, she is doing what she can to get my attention. My wife precedes to tell me that she has low self-esteem and that even though she has moved on, she is someone who needs to be control and to make sure she is the only woman in my life, and possibly realizes now that she has lost a good man. I can honestly say, I am confused by this and don't understand the logic, why would my ex-wife, who “says” she doesn't care, but indirectly care and keep my son from me by making things difficult, especially before I deploy. I am hoping you can clarify.
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Your son is the only thing she has to try and manipulate you. She has regrets.

Because she is a selfish *****.