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My husband of 4 years cheated on me. The way I found out is the interesting part. Here is the background:

We are both in the military and were deployed to Iraq at the same time. He returned a few months before I did and for our anniversary, he bought me a puppy. I had been begging for one for years. Since I was overseas, he sent me a picture of it. In the picture he wasn't wearing his wedding band. I questioned him about not wearing his wedding band and he gave me some excuse about working on the helicopters at work, so he took it off. He is not a mechanic, he is a pilot. That is what made me very suspicious. I started to pray everyday, asking the Lord, "if I'm in an unhealthy marriage please let me know." Well, my prayers were answered. Keep in mind that if you are religious and you pray what you ask for may not always be what you want to hear, but at least your pray is answered. A month after I got home from Iraq, my husband (now of course ex) went to a school in Alabama. On the way there he dropped of my stepson at his mother's house. They met up in Atlanta. I'm not the type of person to call my husband 24/7, because I have a very busy job and I was sick at the time. I would go to bed early every night even on the weekends, so I didn't notice anything strange going on.

Here's what happened:

That night in Atlanta, my husband met a girl at a Jersey Shores party hosted by a local radio station. He gave the girl his phone number. He also briefly met one of the girls that was a host on a morning radio show. The radio show host was interested in him and on Monday morning on the air talked about him and asked if anyone knew who he was to call in. The girl that he gave his phone number to called in and said that she wasn't really interested in him and she would see if it was alright if she gave his number to the radio show host girl. Well, he said it was okay and that's when the affair started. He went up to Atlanta to meet up with the radio show host on that very next weekend. His school was a month long, so he continued to meet up with her on the weekends. When he was getting ready to return home, he told her that he couldn't talk to her for a while, because he was going on a top secret mission. She of course got a little suspicious (who wouldn't) and started researching him online. She found his name connected to mine and found me on Facebook. My Facebook page was locked, so she couldn't see the information on it. My profile picture was of my husband, my stepson, and myself the day I returned from Iraq. She immediately began to wonder if he was married or if I was his sister. She then went onto my friends profiles and found my mother's Facebook page to be unlocked. That's when she figured out that he was married. She asked on the radio if she should tell me or not and callers gave her their opinions. Well, she decided that I needed to know, because we had a son together (she obviosly didn't figure out that he was my step son). She did have the courtesy to tell my husband that she was going to tell me. He wrote her and email and asked her not to, because it could ruin his career and family. She read that on the air, lol. He returned back from school on a Friday night. That weekend happened to be a holiday weekend, so we had Monday off. On Monday morning I woke up and had a message in my Facebook email. She had made up a fake profile, told me a shortened version of the story, not mentioning anything about the radio, and told me that she wasn't planning on contacting him again. She had put in the email his license plate number, description of his car, and told me she had text messages and pictures of them together as proof. I was nice to her in my reply (it wasn't her fault, at least that's what I thought at the time), so the only thing I said was "thank you for letting me know. Can you please send me a picture for proof." She sent me a picture of the two of them together (her face was blurred out). The shirt he was wearing in the picture was one that he had just bought before he left for school, so I knew it was a recent picture. I stormed out of the house and he didn't even stop me, because he knew that she had told me. When I returned to the house I told him I was going to stay at my friend's house and I wanted him out of the house this week. We filed for divorce the next day...

If your wondering how I found out all the details...I didn't find them out until after we were divorced. It was Christmas Eve and my ex-husband called me...he was feeling lonely I guess. He told me there was way more to the story that I didn't know. He then told me she was a morning radio show host in Atlanta. I of course was curious then. I researched the radio shows online and within minutes found the show. I also found all the pod casts where this girls talks about meeting him and discusses everything on the radio. I listened to the whole story that night with my mother sitting by my side the whole time. My sister listened to it all as well. I didn't contact the girl ever again, but my sister did. She contacted her and asked her to have all the pod casts taken down, because it was very painful for me to hear. They were all taken down.

The truly funny part of this story for me is that I have two friends that I grew up with that live in Atlanta. My sister in law went to one of their weddings a month after I found out my husband cheated. They were talking about why I was getting a divorce and the one friend said "I heard a very similar story like that on the radio here in Atlanta." At that time no one thought anything of it, because we didn't know the girl was a radio talk show host until two months later!

There are days when I wish the radio talk show host wouldn't have told me. I loved my ex-husband very much. That was two years ago and I find it hard to meet guys that I like as much as him. I wonder if I ever will....
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I stayed with a cheater for 15 years. The first time was two weeks after our honeymoon. The second time was when I was five months pregnant with our first son. The third time was a three year long affair. I left him at that point. No matter how much you love someone, if they can't be faithful, it will hurt if you stay, and it will hurt if you leave. That's just life sometimes.

:) forgive him

If u love him don't leave him otherwise u ll be like in living hell