Still Under The Same Roof

hi i just divorced my husband with whom i was married 26 years. We still live in the same as he don't want to go away and he don't want to go live withhis lover.

I have to stay with the kids in the house and i want him to leaveso i can begin with my live again
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4 Responses Sep 15, 2012

I went thru the same thing. 2 years ago I left the house and my 2 girls cause I can't take anymore his humiliation, but before I left I spoke to my girls and explain why I was leaving and I will always be there for them no matter what. My heart was broken leaving behind my kids but they know the reason why. Their father had this house now after 20 years married 7 years divorce 5 years leaving under the same roof and 2 years finally by myself. He is by himself and I by myself I moved to a different city I want a distance between him and myself. I really don't care about the house I am more concern about my kids that this man has been taking care of my kids. He just want to kick me out the house to keep it for himself and made me look like a bad mother, but my girls know the true. Slowly but shortly I'm getting on my feet again, is not easy but is possible. Material things comes and go the same as the money does. When I moved out the house I had $200 in my pocket , my car, my cloths and my dog.

Don't leave the kids. leave him if he is not worth it. enjoy

I have no advice, i just wanted to say that i feel for you.

Why don't you leave and leave him with the kids? Simple solution!