Finally He Got His Divorce

he has been threatening me with divorce about 10 times the last year and finally he went through with it. i have been divorced for about 3 months now. i cant find a job here. and i have no where to go. he keeps threatening to throw me out. what i want to know even if it says on the divorce papers that he gets the house but my name is still on the house papers can he just throw me out. he keeps saying he is going to call the cops or the judge and have me thrown out. last week i had to get on my knees in front of him to beg him not to throw me out. if that doesnt make you feel very low about yourself i dont know what does. so if anybody could answer that question for me i would appreciate it
twilight54 twilight54
1 Response Sep 22, 2012

If the house is in your name, it is your house. Period.<br />
Technically if the house is in your name, you can throw HIM out.<br />
But...<br />
If he has court papers that say that he gets the house in the divorce, he can sue and the court can demand that you transfer ownership. He has to go to court to do it though, and they have to find you in noncompliance with the divorce ruling. <br />
The divorce paperwork just says what the court says should be done regarding distribution of assets, it doesn't actually do it.