He Gave Me A Choice... Him Or The Baby

Well it was not a hard choice we already had a girl and a boy and we were happy, My IUD fell out and wam bam thank you mam we were pregnant again our lil boy was only 9 months when I found out about baby number three. Well he was already distant and I felt us drifting so I think this gave him an out, he said either I had an abortion or he would leave, so after a lot of crying I told him a chose the baby and he left, I am now a single mother of three, I go to school full time and have two jobs. He is with a girl that is 7 years younger then him and I guess he is happy he pays child support but gave me full custody of the kids. so there is my divorce story.
jeng7623 jeng7623
26-30, F
Nov 26, 2012