Married For The Wrong Reasons.

I married him for the wrong reasons. Nice guy who could make a great dad. I was never in love with him like I think a couple should experience.

Over the years, I became a miserable married woman and I was often hit on by other miserable married men. I found the flirting very flattering when I was married - I loved knowing that other people were as miserable as I was. My ex and I drank ALOT of alcohol all of the time. We spent 60-70% of our evenings together during our marriage drunk/drinking.

After our divorce, I cut my drinking way back and I am no longer interested in unhappily married men. However, I do have some lonely days. I receive texts almost every day from guys who are interested in dating me, but I know I need to spend some time alone just being ok with being me and not basing my self worth on some guy being interested in me.

Super hard because I would like to have kids someday, but I know I cannot be in a rush to partner up with someone just to have a baby.
gettingokwithme gettingokwithme
Dec 2, 2012