Kinda Lonely Lately

A little background on me, I got married in 2003 to a woman who turned out to be 180 degrees opposite of the image she conveyed prior to getting married. I spent 7 long years dealing with her bipolar issues, taking care of her when she couldn't take care of herself, basically pouring my heart and soul into our relationship in an attempt to keep everything on an even keel. Twice she broke my heart, only once did I make the mistake to stick around. Anyway, I've been divorced since 2009, and have remained single since then with only a couple 'hookups' with past girlfriends. I had decided that I needed time by myself to heal and get my mind right, not to mention get my finances in order and work on furthering my career.

Its the end of 2012 now, I've been out of school and in my field for a bit over 4 years, I've been with my current employer for just under 2 years and things are going really well. I was able to work on rebuilding my credit and my goal was to buy my first house before the end of this year. I closed and moved in 3 months ago and love it. Now I'm starting to get a bug up my butt to purchase a new ride. I've been driving the same Honda for 9 years and it has seen better days. I haven't had a car payment in 5 years so taking that step and getting a car loan is really not something I'm looking forward to. By spring I figure I will have enough saved up again to put a nice downpayment on something I will REALLY enjoy. I'm in no hurry to buy, I want to make sure that what I decide on is exactly what I want. No settling this time for me. Same goes for women. I truly believe that in 2003 I settled for my ex-wife because my lovelife had pretty much been all but stagnant.

Now I am starting to feel lonely some days, and long for the touch of a woman, her breath magically raising the hairs on my neck. A warm embrace, a kiss, a hand to hold. Again, I will not rush this. My desires are just that. Desires. Not needs. As long as I understand and accept that, I am fine. Now how do I go about re-entering the dating scene and where is the best spot to meet a gentle, caring nice looking woman? You tell me.
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being Divorced actually is a Start not an End.. it's a Chance to find true Love .. to meet the Mr. Right .. who really cares about you and deserve your love...

so what !! you have a lot to do in this live .. you still young for LOVE .. princess

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just move your *** out of the house ...:D

If i may suggest, u might want to start by talking to a I am seperated and on ,y way to a divorce, hopefully u will find what you are looking for. if u want someone to talk to, please feel free to write me back..

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