Too Afraid To Be Myself....

Should i start with the one about my first love? here i go ...
I met him when i was 14 ...and after 4 year i became his wife ...but is love everything you need in a relationship ? I think no if it is just from one pers.
I will make it simple ...he start to be someone else ...not the men i fell in love with...he was older than me with 13 years. But i never cared about age ...after some time he start to beat me (i will like to know why )...i was young and maybe i wasn't so good at cooking or who know's what else but i was really trying ...i get in depression ...a really bad one ..until i realize that i need to go out of there so i told to my family the truth but was a little was really hard to recover from all of that. I divorced but after this i became such a cold girl.
I'm afraid to show my real feelings and even if i want to love again when i see it can happen i run away...i want to learn how to stay , not how to run away
catalyna13 catalyna13
22-25, F
Dec 12, 2012