Tips For Getting Your Woman Back

Consider the following for entertainment purposes only, however this is based on 22 years of research. It's simply great advice from a worn out woman who keeps banging her head against the wall just trying to knock herself out. Some of the things seem like a no brainer but some people just never get it.

Do not speak poorly of her mother or any other members of her family   especially when you are arguing. She is tired of this. 

Do not continue to be suspicious. She is tired of this and it's some of the reason she left you. She always knew you had anxiety issues and now she knows it's much worse than that.

Do not call her evil ...she thinks you're the evil one already.

Do not question her motives..she's ******* trying even though she doesn't want to.

Do not make promises you cannot keep.

Do not ask her to open up to you and then, when she's honest, use the things she trusted you with against her. You will wonder later why she stopped talking. (you did make a HUGE point of telling her to be honest)

Don't push her, she will just go farther away

Don't say we will take baby steps and then expect her to make that giant leap for you tomorrow.

Don't ask her about the past again. You've both discussed it  26 times and she seriously doubts you'll feel any better hearing it for the 27th time.(or believe her)

She can see through you by now. She knows you're scared and hurt when you spout venom. But seriously ...shes had the antidote and she is not going to let you sink those poisonous fangs in again.

Don't ask her to come back to you and then give up the second you don't get your way

Don't tell her that she'll never hear from you again if she hangs up the phone. She might not give a ****.


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2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

Is this list from personal experience? I hope not.

Oh but it is. He says things then apologizes then wonders why I'm happy without him

Something about this story sounds familiar.
Oh yes. I heard very similar things from my ex.
Are you over him yet? Or is this writing the hurt out?

this was actually a while ago. I am so conflicted. We are divorced and just when i start to grieve the relationship and start to move forward(and maybe even feel a little bad for him) he does something hateful or stupid to remind me why i left. The funny thing is when he is physically near me he softens quite a bit. It's odd for me to have that effect on him.

duly noted~