Hurts Lesser Now But It Still Hurts Badly Thinking About What He Has Done.

It's been more than a year after my divorce paper are finalized. Now, we are completely on separate terms and I can focus my mind and thoughts on my daughter and myself.

My daughter is now turning 4 soon and I am grateful that although she doesn't understand why daddy and mummy are not living together. She just learn to accept that the home that she and I lived in is not her daddy's home. I didn't say anything to her and she is smart enough to forbid her daddy to send her up to the doorstep each time they went out.

I have not seen him since the divorce and only communicate via messaging for arranging date for him to bring our daughter out. I still hate him and it still hurts (but much lesser now) for what he has done to me, this family and marriage.

To me, i know in my heart that I didn't get the closure i wanted cause he didn't even bother with seeking for forgiveness or give me a proper explanation. And for me, i just look away and focus on my daughter for now and ease my pain.

I do hope one day i can be free from this pain completely. Probably will happen is Karma falls upon him.
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Jan 14, 2013