The Big D!

Here's a story you don't hear often. Married in 1990, 1st child at the end of '91, divorced in '95, 2nd child in '04 and 3rd child in '07. And YES, all w/ the same man. How's that for my bipolar, redneck life. Welcome to Florida!

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My name is Tom Nicholson and I am in the process of creating my website - and would appreciate you would consider including your stories. I will also include a link to your web page and any other info we think could be relevant. If you visit my website you will hopefully appreciate my vision and I want stories like yours to help realise this.<br />
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If you divorced each other why in the world would you still want to get sex with him ? most people get a divorce because they don't like each other or being around . there are ways of birth control have you ever thought about that ? And there is medical help for the B.P. thing. that would be the most important thing for you to do and then you would be making good decisions.

but of course darlin'... :)

i love this story. and please let me call ya a red neck again. they call me one too!!!

*giggles* sounds about right huh

I thought you were just being you.

nnaaa... and I hate when ppl leave here and their comments go with them. I totally look like I had a conversation with myself up there. *giggles*

LOL beautiful there is hope for happiness and family after divorce!

Well oz... there is a lot more to it than what you see here. I've posted more in other stories but today just isn't the day to get into it.... maybe tomorrow

Girl, you are so uptown. All your kids have the same dna. <br />
Where I live, if your kids only have one babydaddy, you are high class. Social Services Poster Momma. <br />
And I think your relationship with the babydaddy sounds highly evolved and modern. You rock!

Cute... <br />
<br />
L~ laugh<br />
M~ My<br />
A~ @ss<br />
O~ off


Does it count though if I'm not an active participant? I totally take my mind else where... GGR!

Oh but not sexless... he still shows up for his "earned" fix.