I Am Divorced

I've been divorced for 6 yrs now. I got divorced when, admist many other problems, my ex-wife had an affair with a "friend" of ours. Hurt like hell when I found out, but over the past few years, its gotten better. Although I do still harbor some pretty deep trust issues. I haven't spoken to her since the divorce was finalized, in fact I moved several states away & have seen to it she can't find me. I think the clean break, while a little tough intially, has been the best thing for me. As for her, well I could care less.
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Well, my life may not exactly as I'd like it, but sure isn't bad. One thing I know for sure, there's no room for her.

if you didn't care, you wouldn't be writing online about it...are you so sure this is life you want to live, forgiveness is a gift...and allows you to resurrect what once was or finally move on....

Yeah, I know.....I do let some women get close, just more reserved about it then I once was.

Nope, never had any kids. Wouldn't have made that same choice if I did.

OH tell me no kids right? I'd hate to think you left them too...