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Married him at eighteen.A month into it he was already chasing some other girl.Had kid#1.He treated me like poop,and abused my baby.He then decided that a fourteen year old would be a better 'woman' than me, tried to leave me while pregnant with kid#2 for said 'woman'. She got 'totally wierded out dude', turned him down.caught him callin 900 gay numbers. He tried to kill kid#2 while I was at work.Did I mention he had no job? He Spent all my money on DVDs.Joined Army cuz no one would hire him. One year later, calls me and says I am the worthless one,a bad mom,lousy lay,not pretty enough, did not support his interests enough, too demanding and by the way Im gay.It would have been nice if he told me that when he married me,and impregnated me.After I realised just how lucky I was to finally get a chance to ditch his lazy self centered ***,I turned my life around completely. I sold his prized DVD collection and it payed for the divorce in full. Boy was he mad:)I think that the only good part of the whole thing, are my two wonderful, beautiful,amazing sons.They make everything worth it.As for their dad, he just likes bein able to tell prospective boyfriends that he is a dad. His exact words.They have not seen him in a year and he lives four miles away.Ok thats a whole different story so I will end this on one last note;Boy did selling those DVDs feel good!
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Congratulations on getting rid of such a looser and bettering your life for you and your boys, I do not know you but NO woman should be or deserves to be treated like you were....Enjoy your life...!!!!!!

Sorry you went through this. Hope all goes well for you in the future. Only suggestion in have is keep your sons involved in activities, sports, scouts, arts...anything. They have to feel important and useful in youth so they can succeed in adulthood. You are a good mom.

such a creep

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My name is Tom Nicholson and I am in the process of creating my website - and would appreciate you would consider including your stories. I will also include a link to your web page and any other info we think could be relevant. If you visit my website you will hopefully appreciate my vision and I want stories like yours to help realise this.<br />
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Are you referring to my message?

WoW!!! I thought my marraige was bad!!! My ex husband was mean to my son (Not his) couldn't hold a job and ruined my credit...4 years later I am still finding thing I owe I didn't know about! WEll best of luck to you on your new adventures in life!!!

You are strong! thank you for sharing this, unfortunately "men?" such as this are common now, but women are strong! You are a survivor and a winner. <br />
I trust things are good for you and your sons these days. Beblessed!

You're very tough!<br />
And yeah, he sounds like a complete f*cking ****!

Glad you got it together... congratulations... sounds like a great story... <br />
<br />
You might want to write it up, there are many people that could learn from your tribulations.

It sounds like you managed to turn a bad situation around, good fro you.

You did find a worthless *******. I'm sorry for you. I have a female friend in almost the same thing as you. I feel bad for her too. Just won't listen to reason. She doesn't see the truth. Atleast you are finally free and I'm happy for you. Gook luck and take it easy.