I Don't Know

I was with her for 8 years. Since we were in high school. We finally decided to get married. It lasted for 10 months before we separated. She had been cheating on me. Made me feel like ****. I didn't and wouldn't ever have done that to her. She said she was sick of me feeling bad all the time.  Instead of try to help me she thought it would be better to be lying underneath another guy. She is pregnant now by him. The divorce was final in May. Now we don't talk unless we need to. I don't know if it is my fault or not.

26-30, M
9 Responses Jul 9, 2007

Why it ended may have been your fault but her cheating on you thats just bullshitt and unjustifiable.

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one womans trash is another womans treasure!!! she left u!! she gave up on u and ur vows! marriage is sacred! when u say in sickness and in health till death do u part then u should mean just that! i allways say that love is unconditional! i'm sorry but she should have least tried marriage counseling to fix the issues in the relationship. she left u, u didnt leave her honey!! sorry but she seems selfish?! but now a new page has turned in ur book, a new man! enjoy being single, have some fun!!!! as they say "let ur hair down and PARTY!!!! she simply moved out the way so the REAL TRUE LOVE of ur life can step in and love u the way u deserve!! :p she missed out on a good thing not u!! she only wasted a small portion of yor time. now u can spend ur time loving yourself and someone new and special.......... and their r still good girls out here honey believe me!! ( i'm one of them!) hahaha! smile wipe the dirt of ur shoulder and wellcome to freedom! love, true love will find u and when it does indulge yourself!! you'll b o.k.!! ever need support or just someone to chat with i'm here in ur corner o.k.!! ladimeat :p

blame games are easy to start, but consider that relationships take 2 people. If you happen to go into seperate directions and don't watch what each other is doing then it's not suprizing how it ended. I hope you have sorted through your own issues as you have to show the world who you are as a individual in terms of what you have to offer and not what you need from them.

i don't think it was your fault.

So sorry that you had to go through this. But apparently it was for the best and by no means your fault! You didnt push her into the arms of someone else she did it by herself! Her own mind told her to do that and did it she did, apparently. Now it is time to pick yourself up and move forward without looking back.....good luck to you!

You can't blame yourself fully. It's as much your fault as it is hers. It just wasn't meant to be. I say that because I've been there.

Did the infidelity start only after the marriage? i just dont see how some couples go strong and fall apart soon after the whole marriage title. My currect significant other is really pressing for marriage but I cant help but wonder if that is the right path to choose..

ugh. the feeling of utter heart break and that type of betrayal can be almost impossible to bear. i haven't been through that exactly, but i have suffered immense feelings of loss with the ending of relationships (not at my desire) and it has taken me years to really get through that. but i am trying each day to remind myself that i am working on allowing myself to heal, and it does infact get a little better every day....