Yes I Am and After Long Consid...

Yes I am and after long consideration I have decided that King Henry the 8th may have been on to something.

**This is by no means an endorsement to Henry's proclivity for beheading his paramores. I told him be givin em head and he mistook me terrible accent hahahaha

Tis all in fun!

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everything becomes old and comes back again. I'm sure it was around what it was called back then I don't know.

ah-h- yup!<br />
Was known as the profane kiss. <br />

I LOVE english history & your comment was funny...thanks. I actually got to visit a family in England; what a trip. Thanks for bringing back those memories...I think head definitely has a different meaning you think they did that back then???

oh my oh my what have i said that became a story to my unawares.....<br />
<br />

Yup thats exactly what they do with em and or make em a goal for yaz. <br />
Did ya think that stuff about making it with another woman was "anny'non a mouse?" hahahah<br />
Just kidding, I'm bein so bad taday,<br />
hugs lady l,<br />

Those turn into stories!!???

Thanx ladies, tis old news and I was just being my usual smart a s s self. <br />
That luggage was left on the airplane, on purpose :-)-Lol <br />
Fools an Jesters aren't required or expected to pontificate upon serious or important matters! <br />
This was one of those silly interview questions.

Divorce makes one just a tad testy....<br />
<br />
Humor is grand!

Come on Ladies, It was all in fun actually I was reffering to the fact that it was probobly easier that a modern divorce. Lol <br />
I really didnt care for old Henry or The Church of England. As I'm Irish as Patties pig!<br />
However it seems fine to bash males but not females?? Was meant in fun grin an bear it! hahaha

haha sorry i have to laugh because i was singing henry the 8th this weekend.

Hey, that's unfair! THe stupid, fat B****** couldn't produce male heirs! That was HIS problem, not the wives! ;)