Broken Down Car

So two days ago my ex-husband called me and told me his car broke down.  So yesterday I picked him and my daughter up in the morning and we brought him to work.  We then picked him up after work and helped him get his car to the shop.  My ex is irresponsable with his money and has no savings.  His girlfriend of 2 yrs and his parents refused to help him, get his car fixed.  One nice thing about my ex is whenever I need his help, or his family, or his girlfriend, or his friends need his help he does everything he can to help them.  He is feeling angry that I am the only person willing tp  help him during this time.  He feels hurt by his fam,ily and girfriend, and his one best friend that they are unable to or unwilling to help him.  He has personally helped fix all of their cars before.  I am going to to help pay to get his car fixxed.  I may be a dummy for doing it, but it does me no service to have him without a car since he helps transport our daughter to and from school and to and from my house.  For how much his family hates me for divorcing him, I hope they realize that I am not as evil as they think I am, since I am the only one who seems to be willing to help him through this tough time for him.  And once again I need him to have a car.  DOn't get the wrong impression here, I am not rich, however selfish my intentions are I still feel like a dummy for helping him because chances are I will never see my money again.  I feel kinda like a dummy, but justified through my selfish needs of having him very mobile.

starprincess starprincess
31-35, F
Feb 25, 2009