So I just wanted to say that I am single again and the divorce was finalized today yippee, however, I forgot how much dating sucks ugh!
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Haha. LMAO. I so know the feeling.

Let's cut thru the dating crap. I'm crazy about your body. Let me make you feel like a real woman again. Let me give you some toe curling ecstasy like a sex deprived woman needs!

Wowhat did i miss? your story jumps from a very satsfying affair with mike to now being divorced. I can fill in the blanks somewhat but what happened?w,

I hope things are better for you by now.

Oh wow, I'm glad that your happy! And I agree dating does suck I mean it's super hard for me just to go up to a girl and talk to her!

have you been dating a lot of guys?

How do you feel now that you're single again...

at least you get to real fun now ;) sucks.

Ha ha! Good for you! Don't stress too much over the whole dating thing.

If someone comes along great. Just enjoy being single again!

Keep your chin up and keep moving forward in life!!! His loss is your gain and I just know that your future will be so bringht!!

Congratulations and best of luck!

I too single and i want to ur obedient husband..... if u wants only...

You'll be fine :) just let out that gorgeous smile

If you're not looking for anything serious dating can be fun. After my divorce I just dated and enjoyed meeting new people.

Dating sucks, but it's better than going through divorce. You'll do fine.

I was in your spot a year ago, I felt like a fish out of water trying to date after 18 years.