My ex moved out a year ago and my divorce was final this past week. Want to get back into the dating scene but the online dating sites are not working for me at all. Having been with my ex husband for the last 15 years, it's a little intimidating! I'm finding it hard to find someone worthy of my awesomeness :). Any suggestions?
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I know the feeling well but it definitely gets better

My friends tell me you can meet good men at the grocery store or a place like Home Depot or Lowes hardware☺️

Maybe you can find someone here on EP.
Have you thought about someone from work, a family or friend's acquaintance?

So, back to my idea of somebody connected to your family, circle of friends, work mates. I don't necessarily mean getting set up, but just looking at relatives or acquaintances of people you know, or are in frequent contact with. The "other people", that you see in social situations, not directly in your group of friends. There may be someone who stands out to you. Then you can use your charms to initiate conversation.

I've been separated a year and a half and I had no trouble with online dating. Looks like we're in the same age range and state even. I met nice girls, went on some dates, and found my current girlfriend.

Don't wait for emails, make the first move!

we are on the same situation, been married for 6 yrs and my divorce was final a week ago. And dating site doesn't work for me either. I still believe that there are better chances in real life. All you need is to be patient and the right person will come to you.

I got bad experience on these dating sites, I cant believe that I paid for a year for nothing. Its much better if I spend that money for starbucks and possibly meet my someone there lol

Hi Peach, I have to ask when you say "not working for you at all" Do you mean getting no emails or just getting lame people? Sometimes it can be a problem with your profile. Online dating can be very hard. I find it can also be fun.

Hmm.. Most of my other women friends report many emails but most sketchy. I also thought my profile was "Good" when I got my first divorce (finishing up my second now). Turned out looking back at the first that maybe it wasn't so good. How are you photo's? How long have you been active? Sometimes it takes a bit for your profile to filter out to men. Which site or sites are you using.. There are many different variables involved. Even Maybe believe or not you might look "too good" unobtainable. Men are most of the time very insecure believe it or not. I would be happy to review you profile and give you feedback. PM me if you like..

It seriously sucks trying to find someone decent out there.:( I was married for 11 1/2 years. Divorce as final a few years ago. I went on a few "dates." Most I hated. Found an amazing guy...were together for 2 years...then he moved out last week. ;( We had our issues, but everyone does. Didn't see it coming. I'm done with the whole thing. But I wish you the best.:) Just be careful. There are some serious weirdos out there.