Starting Over


Even though I am very much aware that some of the men I dated and, particularly the man I ended up marrying fall into the " What the hell was I thinking ?" category, now that I am finally divorced and on my own, I don´t seem to be making much improvement in the "moving on" department.

Sure, I managed to get out of a horrible marriage and I have accomplished a few things professionally speaking, but it is the emotional (love) aspect of my life that seems to be stuck in time with no prospects of changing any time soon.

What I am trying to say is that even though some parts of me recovered from the ugly marriage and divorce, I feel I am still in mourning and can not seem to put that all behind and start anew with someone else.

I constantly read about people who get divorced and quickly fall in love again and eventually marry and move on and start over, in most cases with happily ever afters, but  in my case I see that as such a remote event it actually makes me not even want to try anymore, even though I would love to ... someday.


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9 Responses Oct 10, 2007

My wise grandmother used to tell me-<br />
Rush into nothing.<br />
Regret nothing.<br />
<br />
Wise words.

I think you have to feel completely good with yourself before getting into a relationship. Go out with your friends and enjoy your independence. I assure you love will come after you. Just don't stop living while waiting for it.

Don't worry we all go through that stage. All we have to do is take steps. Sooner then later will get up and ride the wagon.It takes time. hang in there. You Mr. Right will be here soon.

Your accomplishments are great. But dont look at today as the time to start over in relationships. You will know when you are ready......<br />
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Ya know, there is nothing wrong with being single. <br />
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And once you find this out, and decide that it's really true.... then someone will appear that will change your mind about that again! I KNOW this ;-)

Rock on!

So come visit me. I'll romance the hell out you. It won't last (I won't lie) but at least you'll know what it's like to be treated like a goddess and you will never settle for less again. Honesty. Worship. And let's just say I'm called HeWhoPleasures for a very good reason.

Life is short. Live it for you. Love will come when you least expect it. Just be patient. : )<br />
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Yeah, I know BG wrote that already, but what the hell. I couldn't say it any more perfectly.

My advice to you is to enjoy the time you have alone for a while. Sooner or later you'll get back into the relationship thing and odds are you'll remarry eventually.<br />
However the time you are alone is time for you to work on you. Find yourself, Set some goals, Take a cruise, Do things for yourself. Because this time will be short compared to the rest of your life when your doing for whoever your involved/married too. What ever you do, don't let some loser trick you into love again. Take your time and make sure you know the person before getting back into the boat. Live for you for a while.<br />
Life is short. Live it for you. Love will come when you least expect it. Just be patient. : )