Can't Take It Anymore

My now husband was my mysterious neighbor a few years ago...That was a mystery I should never have tried to unravel...He's been controlling since the beginning..I had so many friends and things that I loved to do and that came to a halt when I met him and I didn't even realize it was happening..or atleast to the extent it was happening...I've lost everything while being with him..and our relationship just kept getting worse & worse..he left me before we got married..he went to Vegas (he wants to be a Poker Star) for almost a year and honestly it was one of the happiest years of my life..I had my life back..he called me atleast a dozen times a day from Vegas and said he loved me and wanted me with him and eventually I broke down and drove out there to come get him because he "wanted to come home and make things right" ..long story short..he lied..he just wanted me out there with him (mind you, I live in Illinois)  My dumb *** drove all the way there to get him and he lied. I was so mad I told him I was going back home..I went to my hotel room to sleep and he put sugar in my gas tank and stole my money & id's....thanks to very nice people at the Circus Circus casino I was able to get my car fixed and get home...I MARRIED that...and I was the one feeling BAD because if I hadn't left him there "stranded" he wouldn't have put sugar in my gas tank....That's just one example...but I'm now living in Indiana in his dad's beach house, away from my son, my family, everyone..i'm isolated. ive been here since january, seen my beautiful son Gabriel 5-6 times, where as before it was every single day, and I'm dying inside...I can't be without my son & yet I'm so scared to leave my husband because I'm just broken mentally in so many spots....I don't know what to do..I have no money, self-esteem, no car anymore..that got repo'd..the money went to stuck and I don't know what to do..

melcat15 melcat15
Sep 28, 2010