12/3/2012....no Mas

Hey EP friends,

I am so at peace to say.................It's official my divorce became final as of 12/3/2012.

What a long ride, hard, bumpy, difficult, crazy rollercoaster of a whirl this has been.

Just when I want to give up, I decided to move on, move forward and not let the pain or the fear stop me!

To let go of a controlling, emotionally abusive, insensitive, mean, instigative husband was the best prize on yesterday. And although I did not get support, I got my life back to me.

I got my peace that I gave away for over 16 yrs to a man who did not deserve it.

I pour from the pitcher and forgot to SAVE ME some. I short-changed my needs in hopes that the future would bring me what I needed from my ex-spouse. HE DID NOT!

And so it gives me great pleasure to write to my friends today and say! I AM DIVORCED.................

no mas ever again,

chie5189 chie5189
3 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Thank you so much! There is hope! I am in the middle of a divorce, and it seems like it will never be over.

Thanks for posting this. I am hoping I am getting closure to the divorce I started last February. May 2013 bring you peace and love.

That just let's me know that there is light at the end. I just filed after thirty years. It hurts but I know i did the right thing. Yelling. Belittling. Him making six figures and helping me and the kids when he felt like it. Food brought to him. I snapped. I left. I am saddened because of so many years but I deserve love not treated like a servant.