I Am 20 And Afraid To Divorce My Controlling, Emotionally Abusive Husband.

We started dating when I was 16, and things were never that great. When I was 17 my mom kicked me out and I moved in with him. I ended up marrying him 1 year ago Feb. I've wanted to leave for a while but he always convinces me to stay and that he will change. Surprise, surprise.... he hasn't. He is overly controlling... I have a grocery budget off $30 a week... that includes clean supplies and everything. The worst part is, he makes over 10k a month. He constantly checks my phone, email, facebook, ect... He always insults me.... calls me stupid, ignorant, b*tch, even a *****. He tells me how much I need him, and how I couldn't make it without him. He always talks about how my family is trash and if it wasn't for him I would be too. He turns everything into being my fault and always guilt trips me. I finally had enough and left Saturday night. Since then he has broken into my blog account and posted nude photos of me, tracked down a new facebook I had made to keep in touch with family even though he was blocked and I had to deactivate it, changed my password for my online college class, and emails. He is now messaging me telling me he loves me and he will do anything to have me come back. When I ignore him he threatens to commit suicide (My dad committed suicide in 09' so it's really messed up he is doing it), He is guilt tripping me, and telling me he will do anything and change... But I really don't want to go back. I know he is lying to me. But, it's hard because I don't want him to do anything stupid.... I just don't know what to do. Like he literally will do everything he can to get in touch with me. I am scared, very scared of what will happen.
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Take it from me im 34. Been with my husband 17 yrs. Married 14. He will NOT change. It only gets worst. Emotional abusers always use suicide threats. They will always threaten to tell ur secrets to friends/family. I am still with my emotional abuser trying to get out. He abuses our chikdren to. Its hard when he is the bread winner. He also is bipolar and wont admit he has a problem so my situation has multiple issues. Im told im ugly, fat, and b***c, a c**t. Outside the home im always told how lucky I am he's an amazing guy. Yeah right. He puts on a show in public.

Gurl i was in the same situation till i beat my ex-hubby up and yeah and left!

go back to your family ....cousin, aunt or grandparents. Get busy on yourself and get a job even if its a stupid temporary position. I understand love blinds many but logic kills ignorance! Now lets practice .....change everything, always be on defense and get the police and lawyer involved cause u dont want a stalking idiot ex but before u do this give him fair warning then beat his *** and got nuts and start going hamm! EVERYONE HAS THEIR BREAKING POINT!

What he is doing is not a "guilt trip". He is mind f###ing you. I know, I've lived it too. Seriously, get away from him.

Omg do not take him back. He is probably bluffing anyway. Only he is responsible for his dumb *** threats - not you.