My Dizzy Spells

My two hardest exams are over with now and I thought I would be relieved but obviously not. I have another exam coming up but I literally have no motivation to start revising for it. You can take two pages of notes into the exam but I have only written a couple of paragraphs so far. I have been suffering with constant dizzyness for about a week now and I am having them still today which is not making me think straight for revision. I can't even read the book properly because everything is spinning. I feel so weak I just don't know if I can do it anymore.

My boyfriend keeps telling me to go to the doctors but there's no point because he will just say it's anxiety and increase the dose on my beta blockers. I have quite a calm couple of days, taking a break from uni yet I was still having dizzyness then. I almost fainted last night covering my budgie cage, it was really frightening. While this dizzyness is going on, I cannot do anything. I feel tired all the time, it's making me lack motivation to move because when I get up, the blood rushes to my head causing me to stumble. I feel like I have a constant hangover but without the night before. I've had enough. I think it's the stress of the appeal for my parents in a couple of weeks time because I am so worry it's going to get accepted and that I will have to go through court all over again.

I am just constantly tired, dizzy and headachy.
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1 Response May 14, 2012

Check your food. Have you gotten all your nutrients lately?<br />
Check your blood pressure. If it's not good see a doctor.<br />
If it's not that then get a proper doctor. A good doctor does not give pills for anxiety without anything else.

I will do thank you.