I Am Used To This...for Some Reason.

I'm just sitting here.

and I feel the room spinning.

I am coherent in thought.

My motor skills fine.

but,for some reason,I feel as a pendulum would.

this isn't rare,I'm used to this.

it started a couple years ago.

things that trigger...or help to start it.

1.hunger? I think.

2.stress.(minimal...i don't have much too really stress about,usually just a little fight with the girlfriend)

3.uh,laughter...boisterous laughter,sends me into a dizzy spell.

sometimes,i just get dizzy...

sometimes it's severe.

other times...it's almost entertaining.

today,it's in between.


today,her and I fought,in fact...we are in two different rooms right now.

sooooo,i will ride this out.


Ouroboros21 Ouroboros21
22-25, M
1 Response Apr 9, 2010

dude ,,, thats cool .. u dun need alcohol or pills ,,,<br />
u feel dizzy by nature ..<br />
<br />
no am kiddin ,, sry didnt mean to make fun of u ,, <br />
but it sounds serious ,, u should go n check up ,, u should never delay b4 it comes worse ..