The Great American Smoke Out

The anti-smoking crowd loves the month of October. This year it's apparently Stoptober.  

A few years ago I was an IT security consultant for a fairly prominent insurance company that was headquartered downtown prior to the merger.  Well, my title was IT security consultant, but it was more to do with network permissions than proper security.  At any rate, it was on a smoke free block, so we had to smoke across the street on the sidewalk outside the parking garage.  

The anti-smoking crowd came by one afternoon to let us know that smoking would kill us (yeah, perfectly aware, there's a surgeon general's warning on every pack of cigarettes I've ever purchased) and gave us leaflets for their upcoming Great American Smoke Out event that would be held in a skywalk connected building.  So, a coworker whose sense of humor was nearly as warped as mine and I decided to go **** with their heads.  

The night before their event I stopped by a shop in the mall on the south side called Canton that was notorious for selling "smoking accessories" and bought a cheap plastic "water pipe" (read as:  bong.)  I stuck it in my backpack to take to work the next day, and when lunch rolled around, my coworker and I walked over to the Great American Smoke Out.  

He'd built a pipe out of various pieces of pipe fitting that was in his pocket, and I was equipped with a foot long bong.  We stopped right outside the door, took off our ties (I chose to wear mine as a headband, he tied his around his waist like a belt) and walked in brandishing out paraphernalia.  We walked around with our pieces, asking people if they wanted to smoke out with us.  

Apparently that wasn't the sort of "smoke out" they were talking about.  
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