I'm not writing this expecting a pat on the back or anyone's sympathy, but I do feel it's important for people in my circle to know that there is more to me beyond a foulmouthed ***** with amazing taste in music. I do, on occasion, do the right thing.

My grandmother passed away on February 1st at the age of 71. Massive stroke, very unexpected, and I heard about it on the local emergency band. There was no phone call from a family member, I heard the ambulance page and had to fight the impulse to go get in a paramedic's way. With her gone, I have one grandparent left, the only grandfather I ever knew. My grandparents run a fabric shop, and my grandmother used to do custom long arm quilting. The shop was closed for a couple of weeks while we were all refusing to leave the ICU, and later the stroke ward, trying to keep our hopes high. "When" grandma comes home, not "if." That was our mantra. Seven days later we took her to hospice, and two days later she passed away peacefully surrounded by her children, their spouses, and her husband of 53 years.

That's not what this story is about.

This story is about a fabric shop that my grandfather now runs with the help of my aunt. He's a retired factory worker and farmer, but very personable and easy to get along with. It's hard for anyone to stop by the shop without having a conversation, or a cup of coffee, with him. He can't do things alone, however, and my aunt works days. I have the time to help him out, and I do when I can. I've spent a lot of time cutting fabric and engaging in political debates lately. All in all...not a bad way to spend one's day.

This weekend the local shops are doing what they call a 'shop hop,' where the four shops in this general area are doing 20% off their fabric and supplies. There's also some sort of punch card and people who visit all four shops over the weekend are eligible for some sort of prize...I'm kinda hazy on the details. I don't know a ******* thing about quilting. I can, however, cut fabric, run a cash register, and town down the profanity long enough to talk to the geriatric crowd. That's what I did with my Friday.

That's what I'll be doing with my Saturday morning and afternoon as well.
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Sweet and funny.

Sorry to hear about your grandma. It's good that you get to be around your grandpa, though, as it probably comforts him with you and your aunt being around as much as possible. Plus, the store probably definitely keeps him busy, which is also a good thing.

Thanks. I can't imagine what he's been going through these past two months, I mean, they were only married for 53 years so it can't be easy. The shop does keep him busy, he's always got a project of some sort for the shop or a customer, so that's probably a good thing.

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