Hi im Trey im 18 and i stay in Flint, Mi. I just kinda stumbled upon this site this morning and figured this might be something that could help me out im not like large but im extremely out of shape and just kinda looking for a group of people doing the same thing I am and that we could kinda push eachother.
other than that ima pretty cool kid just need a lil push to make this an everyday thing :D
TriggaxxTrey TriggaxxTrey
1 Response Feb 23, 2012

:] -->push<br />
Every day is a battle [except for those few who 'have it easy'].<br />
It's very easy to 'let one's self go' <20lbs in a year... my worst ever- usually underweight>, much harder to 'maintain' oneself. Don't lose hope! Your'e not the ony one struggling!