I'm Going To Comple It This Time!

I've completed the original P90 3 times over a 2 year period. After months of no activity I thought I was ready for the P90X experience...whoa! It kicked my butt the first 3 days. Then I found excuses and waited 2 weeks before starting it again. 3 days later, I recovered for 2 weeks and started again, accomplishing less than 2 weeks.

I'm ready to change my pattern! I realize I was trying to do it alone, and this time I'm getting connected through this experience project as a reminder that I'm not doing this alone.

Earlier this year when completing P90X was difficult for me, I found that I was slow to accomplish other life related goals. It's as though my whole life has been in a rut. I know that by completing this program, not only will I feel great, I will also unleash the power I have to accomplish my other life goals. That's what's at stake for me.

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I hear you.....i tend to start new projects and after about 3 weeks I become bored or frustrated at seeing less than expected results then I give up and move to something new. I want to complete this.

Thanks Chris,
Congratulations on your accomplishments. You gave some solid feedback. I hadn't thought about the carbs, so that's great help in preparing me for the mind set. Also, now I know I should start planning ahead for what's after this program. This perspective helps to set me up for success. Thanks, so much for the tips.

Imagine if you gave up on everything after 3 day. Not that I should talk I did p90x for 2 months and what a drastic change but you must know its more of the eating plan that must be followed than the workout itself. as soon as carbs are reintroduced you will gain the weight back without a strict workout routine. I've started and also quit p90x many times and have gone from 6-4 260lbs to 6-4 210lbs in the first 2 months only to quit and gain it back. he people one the informmecial are in their 3rd or 4th cycle of p90x. Its a great system to shock your body into working out and lose a quick 20 or 30 lbs but develope a long term plan after the first 30-60 days or you will get frusturated like I did.
37 year old male 6-4 now stable at 210lbs with regular exercise and diet