Need The Excercise, Can Use The Support


I have the videos copied to my PS3 & I need regular workouts. Since I'm working a graveyard shift & my wife & I have a new baby, it's hard to get ANY workout in besides walking the dog, and that's not gonna help me lose 30lbs.

I really liked P90X when I did it (I tried a few workouts), but my wife said she didn't like it -- although I found out she was doing them when I wasn't there. Turns out she doesn't like working out with me! (I guess...)

Now I say I want to resume, but she says she hurt herself & she feels the workouts may be too hard & it's likely to get an injury.

My plan is to scale back as needed, but to try & play the whole workout & get my sweating in. Gonna go for it in Jan, not going to nec be 'hardcore' and forcing myself to do it all the time, but I'm looking forward to getting the energy and focus and the endorphins too!

Drop me a hello -- I'm open to your support!

rekzkarz rekzkarz
1 Response Dec 10, 2012

so great!!! I am supporting you :) i am in a season of life where I cant do the full hour and need to really scale back for the 1/2 hours that I do.. but i keep going. I am 51 so I am extra careful so as to not hurt myself. But I love doing my p90x everyday and also am looking forward (hopefully in january) so hit it 100%. Good luck. I am supporting you!!!