What An Intense Workout!!!

I just finished day one. chest back and ab ripper and I still feel like throwing up...

the dive bomb push up?...... what evil person would invent such a thing. I did 1 the first time around and fell on my face the second time. Of course I'm saying this to be funny but ouch.  I've been in sports most  of my life. 11 years wrestling, 7 years judo and 7 years in soccer.  Since the peak of my fitness, which was about 8 years ago, I have been much less active and gained about 50 lbs =] I still look in shape although now I'm thinking I hold my fat well....

Has anyone else felt kinda woozy afterward?

Does this go away soon with future workouts?

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2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

The soreness does go! I think because of the intensity of the weights that it's a big shock on the central nervous system....

Fainting and throwing up? Did that a few times with 'Insanity', not with the 'X'....but it DOES get easier on the body!!!


Geoff xx

I am on Day 2. After doing the chest, Day 1, I was sooooooo tired and sore. I did the jumps today and I really liked it. I feel much better today. I am a runner and I need to toner up. cardio doesn't keep your abs flat. :) I did not feel dizzy, just sore!!!!